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2012.09.22 Noir d'Ebene

Yesterday we played at the Noir d'Ebene restaurant for the first time. As it always happens to us, at the time we jumped on the scene we had a flood-like-rain pouring down which invited a lot of people to stay at home. The ones that came clearly had an excellent time, the food and mood of the place is great, and the addition of our trio performing made the whole thing very inviting. 

The place owners treated us very well, we felt great throughout the event. This time we were able to record a few videos with very nice lighting, which are below. One of them is a brand new tune, "Palais de Sable" (sand castle) that was 1 week old, and spite the bumpy start if sounded very well. More of this kind of music will be coming in the future.

Video - Palais de Sable

This time we had little space to keep our stuff around, so the FBass did not make it to this gig. Here is a "fretted bass" version of "El Mejillon", which normally is supposed to be played on a fretless bass

Video - El Mejillon

We always play Patagonia, which is one of our best creations. Last night it sounded great, hope you like it

Video - Patagonia

And the always fun to play "La Corrida", with which we ended the show

Video - La Corrida


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